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Utility System Appraisal and Asset Management

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Asset Condition Evaluation and Development of Standard Procedures Manual

Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. (PECI), completed a proof of concept evaluation for use of Maximo® for Infrastructure Condition Assessments for a large regional wastewater service provider in north Texas. User-defined fields in Maximo® were established for priority scores, replacement cost and timing, funding source, and other attributes related to the planned replacement or rehabilitation of assets.

PECI personnel developed two Procedures Manuals for Maximo® Data Entry. The first Procedures Manual detailed the entry of Assets, Locations, Specifications and Job and PM Plans. The second Procedures Manual, published as a separate project, detailed the entry of Purchase Requisitions and Work Orders.

PECI personnel conducted training with operations and maintenance personnel at each major operating treatment plant to review the Maximo® date entry procedures and advocate standardization across the projects.

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Managed Asset Evaluation

PECI was retained by a nationally-recognized private operations company to develop an inventory and condition assessment database for water and wastewater system assets operated for a municipal customer. The evaluation ranked criticality, condition, and other attributes for the City’s wastewater treatment, water distribution, and wastewater collection facilities, including seven wastewater lift stations.


Water System Appraisal

PECI was retained by the City of Hudson Oaks, Texas, representing a coalition of several cities in Parker County, to appraise a private water and wastewater system  for public sale. The appraisal involved an assessment of replacement costs (less depreciation) for the system’s physical assets, as well as an assessment of the debt service capacity supportable by projected system revenues. Physical assets of the system included a wastewater treatment plant, five groundwater production, storage and pumping stations, seven lift stations and approximately 33 miles of buried piping.

Wholesale Rate Model Update

PECI has assisted with updates of wholesale wastewater cost of service models, including amendments to include new wholesale wastewater customers. Model amendments have included assessing the specific proportion of the host city's collection system capacity used by each wholesale customer when calculating the transportation fee.

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